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Changing Styles for a Class

OK this was a tricky one because Javascript has no hooks on the class of elements.  You can ‘getElementById’ but not ‘getElementByClass’ so ….  I wanted to change the Javascript enabled parts of my form from hidden to unhidden.  They all had class=”hidden” or class=”*** *** hidden”.  The solution: search by tag and match the [...]

WordPress Updates

Most recent version of GooglemapsForWP is: No more lost data from wordpress’ automatic update feature.  This is a controversial one.  The recommended way of updating plugins is to: Deactivate Upload new plugin to wp_content->plugins folder Reactivate All nicely encapsulated in ‘aforementioned’ automatic update feature of your favourite blogging platform, WordPress.  Unfortunately, developers have no reliable [...]

Teething Trouble

Most upto date version:  OK, firstly apologies to anyone having problems with the wordpress installer for googlemapsForWP.  While a zip file is fine for those of you who can ftp to your blog host, to install plugins through the WordPress ‘Plugins’->’Add new’ option the folder structure of the plugin has to be in the correct [...]

Shortcodes in googlemapsForWP

Shortcodes make adding maps even easier.   Credits to Kevin for his neat code-snippet

GooglemapsForWP version 3 released

A few bug fixes and some interface edits later googlemapsForWp is on the WordPress repositories. Planned for the next release: Get geo-location co-ordinates using the google geolocation api Map image cache to keep your requests to Google down Support for further map parameters Enjoy <<prrrrrrrrrrr>>

GoogleMapsForWP plugin

From the ‘readme.txt’:  Upload `googlemapsForWP` folder and `googlemapsForWP.php` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory  Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress  Add maps via the admin panel provided under the WordPress Tools menu  Each map you add will provide a shortcode to add into your posts